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"For a clitoris is holy amongst all things, said He."

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Hey there, handsome stranger. Or perhaps you're someone I already know. Weird.

Feel free to add/friend/watch/subscribe/give access/track the fuck out of me. If I'm around and can tell you are a conscious being, I will most likely do so back and we will become mutual whatevers. Any burning queries might already be answered in masterpost (pro-tip: scroll to the bottom till you hit "worthy of note") or you can contact me via message if you wanna get funky.

For those interested, here is the Pete/Patrick rec-list. Please note that it is no longer being regularly updated or maintained. Some links may be inactive or lead to locked entries.

I am over 18 and post some mature content *cough*I might wanna draw and post porn sometimes*cough* that stuff will be warned for and put under a cut. Sometimes I forget to comment on friend's posts because I think I already have when I haven't, also I think I'm hilarious. Sorry.


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american dad sometimes, art stuff, bam is a brat, bandom, being a lurky lurker, butters stotch, derek hale, doing nothing, draco malfoy, drawing badly most times, drawing things sometimes, eric cartman, erica reyes, fandom, fic, garry way, gerards everything, go to bed pete, harry potter, hello, i'm alan rickman, idk, j.knox, jackass, kenny mccormick, kid-cartoons-i-should-be-too-old-for, kyle broflovski, losing, music, my chemical romance, need all the fic, offensive cartoons, oh hey 14yrold self, patrick stump, pete wentz, pontius the barbarian, procrastinating, scott mccall, scrubs, south park, space ghost coast-to-coast, spongebob squarepants, stan marsh, sterek, stiles stilinski, teen wolf, the brak show, tv shows, tv's ryan dunn, vernon boyd, where are my pussycats, whyd-you-do-me-leik-that-garry
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